Child Safety: Cover Socket

Today we went  on a shopping trip pre-Easter shop closure. We went to the world famous: Bury Market. The car park was pretty easy to find, which helped so Daddy did not have to grumble about where to park the car. Then we saw lots and lots of market stalls in Bury Market. We saw lots of Make-up stalls where Mummy stopped systematically to buy lipstick “Because it was so cheap” she kept saying. Daddy stopped at every Market stall selling the world’s most famous Bury Black Pudding because it was so “delicious.”

I kept my eyes wide open to everything around me. I saw Mummy buying from an electrical stall 10 Safety Child socket covers for £1.50. She kept saying “This was cheap!!” She really looked happy. As a result Daddy bought 5 packs of them just in case, “You never know,” my daddy always says.

I wanted to be happy about this new purchase of 50 child socket covers, but at the same time it sounded like bad news for me…Did it really mean that I was to keep away from the electric sockets until I had my own house at 30 year old?

I am afraid to be finally safe with these child socket covers.

Children Safety Socket Cover

Children Safety Socket Cover

Note to Mummy and Daddy Thank you for keeping me safe, I love you

Question to fellow toddlers: Any suggestions to replace my electric socket activity? I am desperate. Thank you in advance.

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