Baby led weaning vs. puree food

I love finger food and I also love puree food.

My Mommy and my daddy bought me a little table and a little chair from IKEA so I can eat like a proper little man at breakfast, lunch and dinner. I am happy Mommy is not really committed to either Baby Led Weaning or Puree food because I like both. I really like the excitement of picking my own food to eat.  A pieceof carrot, a piece of potato, another piece of carrot, a piece of broccoli.  Sometimes however, when I’m very tired, I prefer it when mommy or daddy puts spoons of food into my mouth because I can barely even chew, let alone lift my arms to my mouth.

Typical Baby Led Weaning night

I am sat on my little chair on my table. Daddy is at my right sat on my little stool a whole 30cm above the ground. Mummy is at my left sat also on a little stool. They both eat with me on the little children table. Me, I am looking in front of me at my five pieces of broccoli, two big carrots and my big chunk of roast lamb. This is way too much, but I’ll give it a go!

I smile to Mommy because she is so pretty. I take my broccoli eat it with a big smile and offer some to Mommy.  Why can’t I feed my parents sometimes if they can feed me.

“Good Boy!” She says, while eating a big chunk of it. Good work hey…

Then I take a big piece of carrot, take a bite and offer it to Daddy who also eats a big chunk.

“Good Boy!” He says

I really like this Baby Led Weaning strategy because it is more of a parent led weaning.

Then I take my lamb, I eat it. and I don’t offer any of it, because I like it too much. Mommy bent toward me. “You give some to Mommy?” she asked

I looked at her. No way! I carry on munching my lamb. She carried on smiling, eyeing up my lamb. I put the lamb down.  Far away from my mommy. I offer her a piece of Brocoli instead. After all she always says vegetables are good for me. Eat it yourself Mommy and leave my lamb alone.

I love this parent led weaning food.

Note to Mommy: I love you Mommy, eat more vegetables.