Pros and Cons of being a 14 month old toddler

I know what you all think. He is 14 months old. What luck. I tell you something it is not lucky. According to me there are no big advantages in being an on-the-way-official toddler.

What? I hear you say. What about all the birthday toys, the great milestone from crawling to walking, pointing at what you like, screaming at what you don’t want and most importantly what about this first word (that still does not properly exist for me)?

Well I will tell you the truth about everything.

The biggest present you get for your first birthday  is a Mega Vaccine from Mr the doctor. This is the real truth. This even includes the MMR vaccine, yes believe me. I got at least 5 needles  in my pretty little leg and little bum. Yes it’s true. It was horrific. And then I had a bump in my leg for at least a week.

Then let me tell you about this crawling to walking milestone. I started crawling when I was 6 month. Yes 6 month. So you would understand that I still want to crawl as I mastered the art perfectly. I do some walking steps to impress them but that’s all. I like my crawling, I will only walk if I have to preserve my chocolate cake while on the go from the kitchen to the living room.

And regarding that famous first word, I am what one would call a bilingual child. My mother speaks French to me, and my dad speaks English to me. Therefore my brain can only cope with so much and the only word I can really say is Nana which means nothing in either language although I should try to create a dictionary only with this word. This word can mean so much according to the circumstances.

The biggest let down is the less and less breastmilk I am being offered these days, because I am such a big boy Mommy keeps saying.

But this morning, my worst nightmare occured. You see I have a cold so I woke up at 5 am this morning for some gold healing breastmilk for my itchy throat. And there Mommy did the unthinkable. Instead of giving me my only breastmilk of the day in the morning or early morning  she prepared my cup with whole milk and honey in it.

I screamed. Yes I screamed my lungs out. And then Mommy explained, she was not feeling up for it anymore, she said something about being unwell and tired and that she was (What did she say again?) Pregnant, and she  had nausea, and she wanted to throw up all day long, and dizziness etc..etc.. and that it’s not that she did not  love me anymore  but she just could not do it anymore she was too tired. Blah blah blah… and then (finally, the most important thing she said) that I would get to have a little brother or sister in some time and for that she had to make sure she was not too tired for that… In brief, she had tears in her eyes.

I rolled my eyes. “Don’t be so dramatic, it’s only milk…And if it’s only about sharing Mommy I can do it” I thought.

I smiled to her, and took my green cup and drank all the yummy whole milk with honey Mommy prepared for me with all her love. Yummy milk!

I have to say I love my green cup, I love my milk with the little bit of honey in it, especially when I have a cold it is just succulent!

ps: Mommy if you want me to do something, you just have to explain. I am not a baby anymore,  I am 14 months old!

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